St Nicholas’ Church, Hedsor



Burial Details

The tranquil churchyard at St Nicholas’ with its wonderful views over the Thames valley is unusual in that all the grave stones are laid flat and flush with the ground. Other than the yew trees and the wild cowslips, primroses and snow-drops and the solitary Millennium Yew Tree there is no other planting.

It is not known how long this has been the tradition but it is sometimes said that this was the idea of the First Lord Boston. This seems unlikely as a recently discover sketch dated 1766, just two years after the Boston family acquired the the estate, shows no grave stones and there is no trace of older stones that could have once stood upright.

The churchyard was extended to its present size in the 1930s with a gift of the land in the southwest corner from the Wontner family, who owned that portion of the original Boston Estate.


Burial Records

1605 to the Present

Data Base of Burials


The database is available HEREas a Microsoft Excel spreadsheet arranged in alphabetical order but you can change the indexing to date order if you wish.


If you do not have access to Excel it is also available HERE as an Acrobat (pdf) file sorted in alphabetical order; but unfortunately this cannot be resorted

Maps of Grave Locations

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The first map indicates how the areas

of the grave yard are arranged each area being

given a location letter

There follows a detailed map of each location